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Macodes petola is a species of Jewel Orchid endemic to South-East Asia including in Malaysia, New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Philippines and Sumatra.


It's a sibling of Macodes sanderiana. The main difference between Macodes petola and Macodes sanderiana is that this Macodes petola has denser veins (lighting pattern) on its leaves. Similar to other Jewel orchids, people grow this species for its beautiful foliage rather than the flower!


Macodes petola likes indirect light and moderate to high humidity. Because of its original forest habitats, Macodes petola requires frequent watering.

Jewel Orchid (Macodes Petola) Terrarium, Great Unique Gift, 100% Growth

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    • ✅ Grow Your Prized Jewels. These rare orchid siblings are known for their striking foliage. The golden flecks of veins, like lightning bolts, create a stunning contrast to the velvety green leaves.
    • ✅ Reduce Work-From-Home Stress. Add a hint of greenery inside your home office set-up with a decorative plant terrarium. Gift yourself or a friend a plant companion that’s pretty and easy on the eyes.
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