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✅UNIQUE MAINTENANCE FREE 4” DOMETERRARIUM: No food, water, or light source needed!

✅FREE HEAT PACK will be included in the shipping box for freezing area in winter.

✅BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE GIFT: The perfect gift, even for those without a green thumb.

✅ELEGANT & LONG LASTING: Your orchid comes with a soon to bloom flower spike, and will re-bloom over a lifespan of 1 year in the terrarium.


✅SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR THE SPECIAL DAYS: Get this outstanding plant live is an awesome Christmas, birthday or special days gift for kids and adults alike! Get one of our live terrarium for every member of the family and watch the surprise on their faces.

Psygmorchis pusilla is an adorable, rare miniature orchid found in Latin America with a fan of leaves and disproportionate flower size. The whole plant is 2 inches wide at maturity with a blooming flower spike. Your Psygmorchis pusilla will grow healthy and bloom repeatedly due to the nutritional gel medium it lives in. With our special recipe gel medium, you will be able to watch your miniature orchid grow in a contained glass bottle 100% maintenance free for months or up to a year! And it gets better! At any point, you can also transplant your plant into a pot following regular orchid care.


Complete instructions: Take your orchid out of the box. DO NOT remove the lid. Set it on a table and avoid sunlight or direct light sources that heat up the terrarium (fluorescent or LED is fine). Enjoy your plant for months, up to a year, without worrying about maintenance, bugs, or spills! That’s all there is to it!


At Orchid Gene, our professional plant scientists use state of the art plant technology to bring you beautiful plants that require no maintenance. All of our plants are non-GMO. The gel that our plants live in is known as tissue culture media. In plant biology research, plants are grown and generated through micropropagation in tissue culture media. We have taken this technology and applied to our plants so plant lovers like you can enjoy without needing to worry about maintenance.

Psygmorchis Pusilla, Orchid Terrarium with Sundew Moss


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