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Psygmorchis pusilla / Haraella retrocalla
Transplant Guide

Transplanting your orchid is fairly simple!


First gently take out the orchid by the base using your fingers or blunt tweezers. Wash off all of the gel under running water, or else mold will start to grow and kill the plant. The plant does the best mounted rather than potted. The method we use is to mount the orchid with roots in long fiber sphagnum moss using fishing line.

To care for the orchid, make sure the moss is wet at all times, watering with DISTILLED water only! The humidity level should be 50 - 70%, and temperature preferably 70 - 80 ºF. You can use 1/2 strength orchid fertilizer once every two weeks. With your care you should have a re-blooming miniature orchid plant to enjoy for a long time!

Psygmorchis pusilla / Haraella retrocalla

Terrarium Care

Do NOT remove the cork lid, or the gel will have mold growth. Set it on a table and avoid direct sunlight or strong light with heat. Sunlight or direct light with heat will cause the temperatures inside the terrarium to soar and kill your plant!

You can use a low heating emitting light source like LED or fluorescent if you like, but make sure to keep the distance at 12" minimum. The environment should have good ambient light and average comfortable humidity. Enjoy your plant for months, up to a year, without worrying about maintenance, bugs, or spills! That’s it!

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