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Notice that Dendrophylax Lindenii is not for beginners.


Dendrophylax Lindenii is a miniature orchid native to Florida and Cuba. It is commonly known as Ghost Orchid, White Frog Orchid, Palm Polly due to its flower shape and color. The flowers have white lips and petals, and light green inner petals. What is really unique is that this plant has no leaves at all.


Dendrophylax Lindenii requires high humidity with a less airflow environment, which is not common as to many of our orchid collections. In addition to that, it is sensitive to water quality, using only rainwater or distilled water. Use 1/4 strength of or even lighter fertilizer to mist your plant.

Dendrophylax Lindenii, Ghost Orchid, White Frog Orchid, Palm Polly, Leafless


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