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Our Mission

To help people of all color thumbs enjoy the beauty of live plants without any worries.

Our Story

Bloomify was founded by Dr. Hsichuan Chen. Hsichuan received his PhD. in Plant biology from NC State, and worked 3 years as a head scientist at a green energy biotech startup.


As a lifelong plant enthusiast and student, Hsichuan grew up with a green thumb. Using his background in plant biology and in industry, Hsichuan set out to develop a maintenance-free orchid, flowers that are notoriously difficult to keep alive.


Since then the maintenance-free plant lineup has expanded to other varieties such as the Venus Fly Trap, Sundews, Coleus, and Celosia flower. What's the secret? Replacing soil with a nutritive gel. The gel is a solid substance that is bacteria / mold free and contains all of the necessary nutrients that a plant needs, including sugar that the plant would naturally produce via photosynthesis.

​In 2016, Bloomify was a winner of the NC IDEA grant fall cycle. Bloomify was also featured on Buzzfeed's "24 Awesome Products from Amazon To Put On Your Wish List".

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