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Sundew Transplant Guide

  • Sundew (Drosera spatulata) is extraordinarily easy to transplant. Much easier to transplant than the Venus Flytrap. It easily adapts to different conditions, and therefore is considered as a hardy carnivorous plant for beginners.

  • First, take off the cork lid, remove the plant from the base, and thoroughly rinse off all gel under running water. Do one final rinse with DISTILLED WATER to remove any residual minerals from the tap water rinse.

  • Plant in mixture of 50% sphagnum peat moss and 50% silica sand - no fertilizers added, or you can use any carnivorous soil mix bought online. When planting, make sure you get the roots deep into the soil, using a blunt tweezer to guide the roots down.

  • Water and mist the plant with DISTILLED WATER and use a grow light for the next month. After a month the plant should be able to enjoy the sun and become more red!

Sundew Terrarium Care Tips

  • Please Do NOT open the lid until you plan on taking the plant out. Your plant is growing in a sterilized ecosystem, devoid of bacteria or fungus.

  • No watering or feeding is needed, the gel provides complete nutrition. Your Sundew has green leaves with black roots. Older leaves dying off is normal.

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Display in partial shade, or use an LED grow light or CFL at least 6" away. ​Grow light helps claws grow bigger and the plant grow redder, but will cause interior condensation. You may opt to use weak, filtered sunlight but keep an eye on the plant and make sure it is not getting burned. A darker area “tells” the plants to grow taller, and a brighter area “tells” the plants to become more red, broaden the leaves, and increase claw size. Play with these parameters to customize your growth!


  • Enjoy your plant for months, without worrying about maintenance, bugs, or spills! That’s it! 

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