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Aerangis Kotschyana (Kotschy's Aerangis), sibling of our Aerangis Biloba, is a miniature orchid originating from Africa. Once blooming occurs, it could carry more than 10 salmon pink flowers (up to 20), with flower size about 1.5” inch.


Kotschy's Aerangis grows as epiphyte, lives at elevations about 3000 ft, and likes warm-hot weather. We recommend giving your Aerangis Kotschyana light shade and moderate light, strong air movement, and water daily in the hot season.


Kotschy's Aerangis always gets Orchid collectors’ attention mainly because of its very long and twisted nectary!


Just like Aerangis Biloba, Aerangis Kotschyana grows and looks better when mounted on a wood slab or tree fern.

Aerangis Kotschyana (Kotschy's Aerangis), Wood mount


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