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Aerangis Biloba, is a small sized orchid native to tropical West Africa. This orchid grows at an altitude of up to 700 m, in forests, wooded areas, and arable areas.

Its leaves are dark green with black dots. Due to its leaf shape, it is also called The Two-lobed Aerangis. It likes hot to warm weather,

The Two-lobed Aerangis blooms in spring and summer mainly. Once flowering occurs, it could have up to 20 flowers! The flowers are 1" - 2" sized, white, fragrant, and long-lived.

Your Aerangis Biloba is young plant, and will be mounted on a wood slab, which grows better and looks beautiful when blooming. Keep in mind that Aerangis Biloba likes high humidity, so please water your orchid daily, especially in summer time.

Aerangis Biloba (The Two-lobed Aerangis), wood mounted

    • One miniature Aerangis Biloba (The Two-lobed Aerangis) mounted in a 3" x 3" wood piece.


    • Care instructions will be included with plant you purchase.


    • 30 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.

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