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You will receive a 36 LED grow light bulb that emits blue and red light. You will receive a light bulb only! You will need a standard flexible neck lamp to use this grow light bulb.


This grow light bulb is low heat emitting. Perfect for use for in any of our terrariums and also tranplants. If you are transplanting from our maintenance-free terrariums, this grow light will ensure the plants are not burned from light that is too strong as you acclimate the plants to real world humidity and light.


For both terrariums and transplants, keep light bulb distance approximately 6" away from the plant and monitor conditions daily. If you notice browning of leaves increase the distance of light source accordingly. Finally, you can use a timer on your light so you don't need to remember to turn it on and off every day.

4 Watt 36 LED Grow Light Bulb

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