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Spagmoss peat moss is a popular product in the orchid growing industry due to its great water holding capacity and long life. 


This transplant kit can be used for not only all kinds of miniature orchids, but also the carnivorous plants (Venus Flytrap, Sundew) and flowers (Celosia, Coleus) Bloomify has sold.


Use this transplant kit when you would like to tranplant our zero-maintenance free orchid terrarium products.

Transplant Kit, Spagmoss Peat Moss with 1 Planter, for all orchids

    • A freezer bag of Spagmoss peat moss, more than enough to fill the 1 planter to 2/3 mark.


    • 1 plastic planter 2.5" (W) x 3.5" (H).


    • The Spagmoss peat moss can be used for all kinds of orchids, in planters or hanging baskets.

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