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Psygmorchis pusilla is an adorable, rare miniature orchid found in Latin America with a fan of leaves and disproportionate flower size. It is 2" wide at maturity with one or more blooming spikes!


As Bloomify's signature product, this zero-maintenance house plant won the second place at 2016 SWROGA orchid spring show. Your Psygmorchis pusilla will grow healthy and bloom repeatedly due to the self-sustaining nutritional medium it lives in. Simply unpack, place, and watch it grow and bloom up to a year without lifting a thumb!

Psygmorchis Pusilla, miniature orchid terrarium, signature product

    • Miniature live oncidium orchid (Psygmorchis pusilla) in transparent medium.


    • Lives in a 2.5" x 3.5" x 4" (H) self-sustaining glass cube with a cork. No watering or feeding is needed.


    • 12 months (up to 24 months) lifespan in the jar. At least one flower spike guaranteed. Flower stays in bloom for 1 month in suitable conditions. Re-bloom every 1-2 months.


    • The orchid can be transplanted with long fiber sphagnum moss at any time.


    • 90 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.