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Haraella retrocalla, or The Rear Facing Lip Spur Haraella, is a rare miniature orchid native to Taiwan. It's well known for its intense sweet, citrusy fragrance from its blooms mimicking the scent of a female beetle, hence the name, Taiwan Fragrant Orchid.

It is 2" wide at maturity with one or more blooming spikes. Your Haraella retrocalla will grow healthy and bloom repeatedly due to the self-sustaining nutritional gel medium it lives in.


Moreover, at any point, you can transplant it with long fiber sphagnum moss. Simply unpack and watch it grow and bloom up to a year without lifting a thumb!

Haraella Retrocalla, miniature orchid terrarium, black gel

    • Miniature live orchid (Haraella retrocalla) in black medium.


    • Lives in a 2.5" x 3.5" x 4" (H) self-sustaining glass cube with a cork. No watering or feeding is needed.


    • 12 months (up to 24 months) lifespan in the jar. At least one flower spike guaranteed. 


    • The orchid can be transplanted with long fiber sphagnum moss at any time.


    • 90 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.

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