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Coleus is a common outdoor plant that has plenty of colorful varieties. This plant is grown for its unique and beautiful leaf color rather than its flowers. Bloomify selects the most popular and attractive one, "Inky Fingers", and has miniaturized the plant to fit inside a 2.5"(D) x 3.5" (H) convenient-sized self-sustaining ecosystem so you can enjoy the plant indoor-ly. Your beautiful indoor Coleus plant contains at least 1 single plant, and will grow in size over the course of many months.


Once your Inky Finger fills up the glass terrarium globe, it's time to find a new home for it!! Our Inky Fingers are easy to be transplanted. After transplanting, the plant becomes a low maintenance indoor plant! For more info, please go to our Celosia transplant / care page.

Coleus (Inky fingers), floral terrarium, great ornamental live plant

SKU: 0N-D105-9Z3R
    • Miniature live Coleus (Inky Fingers) in transparent medium.


    • Lives in a 2.5" (D) x 3.5" (H) self-sustaining glass dome. No watering or feeding is needed.


    • 4-6 months lifespan in the jar. At least 1 plant guaranteed. 


    • The plant can be transplanted with long fiber sphagnum moss at any time. It's a low maintenance indoor plant for beginners once being transplanted!


    • 90 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.