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Bloomify is all about appreciating the nature around us. We all want a tiny corner of nature in our homes but growing a plant from scratch is a thoughtful and rewarding process that allows you to have tons of fun and teach your kids to be more responsible. 


To add a twist to the whole process of raising a plant, we have designed a special fly trap grow kit that allows you and the little ones to have your own Venus Flytrap, a US native plant known for its trap. 


What makes our product special? The amazing Venus Flytrap plants kit comes with everything you need to make sure your baby plant will thrive and reach adulthood. You get 2 containers so you can transfer the plant when it’s big enough. Don’t worry: the first 3-4 months the baby Venus Flytrap requires zero maintenance, so you can just relax and watch it grow. 


Some features to keep in mind about our product: 
•    Complete Venus flytrap growth kit;
•    Designed for up to 2 times transplanting;
•    US native plant;
•    3-stage growth;
•    Zero-care baby plant;
•    Great present for your loved ones;
•    Easy to use;
•    Fun and cool DIY project for kids.


The complete set includes:
•    1 x zero-care baby Venus Flytrap in a durable clear glass;
•    2 x soil peats;
•    1 x dome-shape growth container;
•    Detailed growth instructions.


Bring a piece of nature into your home with Bloomify’s Venus Flytrap kit!

Venus Flytrap Terrarium Kit / DIY Starter, Perfect Gift for All Ages

  • A Fun DIY Project: The Bloomify Venus Flytrap terrarium is a unique project to do by yourself or with the little ones! Grow your own trapping plant and see the miracle of life, following each stage from baby plant to fully-grown adult.


    What you Get: Our Venus Flytrap in terrarium has everything you need for planting and helping the Venus Flytrap thrive. It includes a zero-care baby Venus Flytrap in a clear glass, two soil peat, a dome-shaped growth container, and detailed instruction on how to take good care of the plant.


    Double Transplanting:  This Venus Flytrap terrarium kit features a transplanting guide, as well as 2 containers. The kit is designed for your Venus Flytrap baby plant to develop steadily, with no maintenance required in the first 3-4 months. Afterward, you can transplant your Venus Flytrap in the glass jar container. In the 5th month, you can replant it again into the dome shape container for full development.


    Native Plant: Although it has a very exotic look, this Venus Flytrap live plant grows in the USA. Our planting kit is a great educational experiment for the little ones, but it’s also a cool project that you can do on your own.


    For Your Loved Ones: Get this awesome baby Venus Flytrap kit for yourself or as a lovely present for your family and friends. Surprise your loved ones with an interesting and unique experiment that they can learn from.

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