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This is the kit you need to transplant your Venus Flytraps and Sundews once they outgrow the terrarium.


You will need to provide saran wrap and distilled water to complete the supplies. If you do not have a grow light, you can purchase a grow light bulb from us. For our small carnivorous terrariums, a single kit is enough to pot all the transplants. If you purchased a large Venus Flytrap terrarium that is full of plants ready to transplant, we would recommend 2 kits to give your plants enough space.


Please follow our transplant guide to acclimate humidity and light conditions for your free plant. We highly recommend shipping to an indoor location, or holding at USPS for pickup to ensure your plant does not sit outside in a hot mailbox. No guarantees will be given to the health of the plant as transplant success depends on individual care.

  • For the Venus Fly Trap, you will need to fit the plant inside the pot and drape saran wrap over the pot to begin acclimating the plant from high humidity terrarium conditions to real world humidity.
  • The Sundew is not picky about humidity conditions and will not need humidity acclimation. Daily leaf misting is good enough.


Shipping is calculated by weight. In order to keep costs low, we give just the right amount of soil so that a single transplant kit can be shipped via USPS First Class at $3.50. For orders of 2 or more, shipping is USPS Priority at $7.70. In this instance we can pack more soil without increase in shipping cost, so you will receive about 1.5 times more soil in each kit.

Transplant Kit, Carnivorous Plant Soil with 2 Planters

    • A freezer bag of soil containing 50 / 50 ratio of sphagnum peat moss and silica sand, more than enough to fill the 2 planters to 2/3 mark.


    • 2 plastic planters 2.5" (W) x 3.5" (H)


    • Transplant instruction guide


    • For every order of 3 kits, we will include a free young and healthy carnivorous plant (bareroot) of our choosing, either a Sundew or Venus Fly Trap ($10 value).

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