Sundew (Drosera spatulata) is found in a wide range from Asia down to Australia. Upon maturity, it develops more reddish colors. The plant is around 2" in diameter upon maturity and is suitable for catching small gnats.


This tropical Sundew, with green leaves and red dew under sunlight, loves to multiply. Our Sundew grows in an ecosystem that contains all the necessary nutrients to grow and thrive. No watering or insect feeding is needed.


One thing worth mentioning is that, this Sundew is MUCH easier to transplant than our Venus Flytraps because it is not picky about humidity conditions. So it's a great starter plant for beginners if you'd like to transplant it. Once the plants are out of the gel and in soil, it stop dividing into more plants and focus energy on growing larger. 


Now you can turn your living space into an indoor garden with this adorable, convenient-sized and maintenance-free Sundew terrarium!

Sundew Terrarium, unique gift for Kids and Adults

    • 1 Sundew (Drosera spatulata) with 1 adorable Whale in transplant medium.


    • Lives in a 1.8" (D) x 3.0" (H) self-sustaining glass with a cork. No watering or insect feeding is needed.


    • 4-6 months lifespan in the jar. 


    • The plant can be transplanted at any time. You can use our soil kit to transplant it.


    • 90 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.