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Sundew (Drosera spatulata) is found in a wide range from Asia down to Australia. Upon maturity, it develops more reddish colors. The plant is around 2" in diameter upon maturity and is suitable for catching small gnats.


This tropical Sundew, with green leaves and red dew under sunlight, loves to multiply. Our Sundew grows in an ecosystem that contains all the necessary nutrients to grow and thrive. No watering or insect feeding is needed.


One thing worth mentioning is that, this Sundew is MUCH easier to transplant than our Venus Flytraps because it is not picky about humidity conditions. So it's a great starter plant for beginners if you'd like to transplant it. Once the plants are out of the gel and in soil, it stop dividing into more plants and focus energy on growing larger. 


Now you can turn your living space into an indoor garden with this adorable, convenient-sized and maintenance-free Sundew terrarium!

Drosera Spatulata, Spoon-leaved Sundew, Sticky Flypaper

    • ✅ ZERO MAINTENANCE PLANT No need for water or feeding! Our Sundew Terrarium has everything it needs to thrive inside the jar up to a year thanks to Bloomify’s state of the art Terra Gel.
    • ✅ CHILD AND PET FRIENDLY Our quality glass jar and airtight cork stopper keep the Sundew secured until it’s time for replanting. It’s also non-GMO and non-toxic, so it’s safe for kids and pets alike.
    • ✅ TROPICAL SUNDEW SPECTACLE Commonly known as Sundew, the Drosera gets its name from their clear liquid drops of hair that trap prey. From being mostly green, it develops a pink hue as it matures.
    • ✅ STUNNING LIVE DECOR Turn dull rooms into happier spaces with an eye-catching mini terrarium. Display it anywhere at home for a refreshing break from your TV, phone, and computer screens.
    • ✅ 100% FAST AND HEALTHY GROWTH Bloomify’s plant technology is designed for healthy plant growth. Watch it thrive inside the terrarium within 60 days, or we’ll send you a new plant or your money back.

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