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Renanthera Bella is a tropical miniature species distributed in Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. When flowering occurs, it could produce more than ten star-shape flowers! The flowers are pink-to-red covered in red spots.


Renanthera Bella blooms mainly in late winter to spring and the flowers are long-lasting without fragrance. The flower size could reach 2.5" in mature. Due to its astonishing flower color and pattern, Renanthera Bella is also called The Beautiful Renanthera.


The Beautiful Renanthera is an easy-grower. Bloomify suggests giving your orchid full sunlight, intermediate-to-warm temperatures, and good humidity. They can be kept in wood / tree fern slabs, as well as pots. If you are using a pot, please make sure it has great drainage.

Renanthera Bella (The Beautiful Renanthera), wood mount

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