Persian Violet (Exacum Affine), originates from Yemen, is a perennial plant that lives in humid tropical and subtropical areas.


As an indoor plant, Persian violet is famous for not only its shiny green foliage, but also its small yet showy purple flowers with light yellow pollen masses in the center. Before blooming, its flower buds turn pink from green. Once flowering occurs, they become purple and carry light fragrance, which make Persian violet very attractive. 


In addition to being used as a home decor, Persian violets are also commonly used as ground cover to add some greenery due to its densely-grown greenish leaves.

On the other side, as an outdoor cultivation, Persian violet blooms in spring and summer. The flower season lasts for about three or four months, which is relatively long. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep it growing after flowering. Nevertheless, Bloomify’s revolutionized gel medium provides all the necessary nutrients to make your Persian violet thrive and grow, even after flowering!!

Your Persian violet is about 1.5 - 2” tall, with at least 5 blooming flowers or ready-to-bloom flower buds, so you can enjoy the beauty of this adorable and attractive plants once you receive your plant!!

Persian Violet (Exacum Affine), rare flower terrarium, best gift

    • One live Persian Violet (Exacum affine) in transparent gel medium with rocks. At least 5 blooming flowers or ready-to-bloom flower buds guaranteed.


    • Lives in a 3.5" (D) x 6" (H) self-sustaining glass jar. No watering or feeding is needed.


    • 6 months lifespan in the jar.



    • 90 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.
    • Please do NOT open the jar lid or cork. Your plant is growing in a sterilized gel medium, devoid of bacteria or fungus.


    • No watering or feeding is needed, The gel provides complete nutrition.


    • Avoid direct sunlight and strong light. The best lighting is in an ambient lit room.

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