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Sedirea Japonica (Phalaenopsis japonica), also known as "Nagoran", is found in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. The name is derived from Okinawa's Nago, which is also one of the production areas. Interestingly, "Sedirea" is the reverse spelling of its genus "Aerides" while "Japonica" means made in Japan.

Nagoran blooms in spring and summer mainly, and could have flowers up to 10. When blooming, the flower is fragrant and is about 1" size. What is special is its extremely light green flowers with reddish brown or purple horizontal stripes that accentuate it, which makes Sedirea Japonica so popular.


Notice that Nagoran does not produce many leaves, each leaf is very important for growth, and it is not good to damage the leaves. Although Nagoran lives in the subtropical regions, in summer time, place it in a bright shade away from direct sunlight to keep its leaves from sunburn. Strong sunlight and heat weaken the growth, so be especially careful of the sunny places where the temperature is high.


Because Nagoran is a subtropical plant, it is somewhat vulnerable to cold. Take your Nagoran indoors when it gets cold. Also keep the temperatures above 50ºF during winter.


Finally, use thin liquid fertilizer about once or twice a month from spring to fall to make your Sedirea Japonica bloom.

Sedirea Japonica (Nagoran), miniature Aerides orchid, wood mount

    • Miniature Sedirea Japonica (Nagoran) mounted in a 3" x 3" wood piece.


    • Care instructions will be included with plant you purchase.


    • 30 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.
    • Sedirea Japonica can be grown in pots and mounted tree fern slabs. If the environment humidity is too dry, please grow the plant in a pot, which helps to keep moisture levels at an adequate level. Water your plant and its leaves every 2 - 3 days with distilled water, making sure the moss is wet at all times.


    • The plant should be kept in ambient room lighting with no direct lighting or sunlight. The suitable temperature range for the plant is 70 - 80 ºF. Also keep the temperatures above 50ºF during winter.


    • Nagoran blooms in spring and summer mainly, use thin liquid fertilizer about once or twice a month from spring to fall to make your orchid bloom.

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