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Ludisia Discolor, also referred to as Black Jewel Orchids, can be found in Northeast India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Jewel Orchids are famous (appreciated) for their foliage rather than flowers, so does our Ludisia Discolor. It looks like Macodes Petola or Macodes Sanderiana, but there are some subtle differences; Ludisia Discolor has dark red stems and darker salmon veins. Once flowering occurs, it has white, yellow-throated blooms. Black Jewel Orchids are easy to grow and make excellent houseplants!

If you already have Macodes Petola or Macodes Sanderiana, then this Ludisia Discolor would make a great addition to your Jewel Orchid Collection.

Ludisia Discolor (Black Jewel Orchid), Dark Red Body, Lighting Bolt Pattern


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