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Leptotes Bicolor (Lpt. bicolor), or Bicolored Leptotes, is the most popular grown species among the Leptotes family. It is distributed from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay in mid elevation subtropical rainforests and coastal mountains.


Leptotes Bicolor blooms from late winter to early spring. It likes cool (60 - 64 ºF) to warm temperatures (70 - 75 ºF). For light level, give your bicolor bright light with partial shade. Once flowering occurs, its fragrant flowers could reach 1 - 2" in diameter.


Like Vanilla Planifolia, Leptotes Bicolor also contains vanillin. However, Leptotes Bicolors are grown as an ornamental plant mainly.

Bicolored Leptotes can be potted in a well-drained planter, but is better suited for mounting. It needs high humidity, so Bloomify recommends watering your orchid several times a day in the dry season (do not let your plants dry out completely).

Leptotes Bicolor (Bicolored Leptotes), miniature Leptotes orchid, wood slab

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    • Miniature Leptotes Bicolor mounted on a 3" x 3" wood slab with Spagmoss peat moss.


    • Care instructions will be included with plant you purchase.


    • 30 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.

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