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Dendrobium Peguanum is a miniature orchid native to India, Myanmar and Thailand. It is also named The Pegu Dendrobium, where Pegu is a city in south Myanmar. Once flowering occurs, its flower size could reach 0.5".

The Pegu Dendrobium originates from tropical areas, it can tolerate high heat (85 ºF) but is less tolerant to cold weather, so please keep the temperatures above 50 ºF during winter. It likes high moisture, watering your plant frequently during summer time is a great way to keep it thrive.

The Pegu Dendrobium can grow in both pots or mounted wood slabs. If you choose to have your plant in a pot on your own after purchasing. Make sure the pot has great drainage, even though it is a fan of high humidity. Dendrobium peguanum likes bright light, so please give your plant lots of light, but not to burn the leaves.

Dendrobium Peguanum, The Pegu Dendrobium, Wood mount

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