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Cattleya Cernua is a miniature orchid that can be found along the coast from Brazil to northeastern Argentina. It likes warm to hot temperatures, bright light and high humidity environment.

Cattleya Cernua is also called "The Nodding Sophronitis" because its blooms do not face up to sun. The Nodding Sophronitis has spoon-shaped leaves, and usually produces 3 - 4 red-orange flowers with yellow lip. Each flower could be larger than 1".

The Nodding Sophronitis can grow well either mounted or potted. If you plan to use a planter, please make sure your planter has good drainage.

Although Cattleya Cernua enjoys sunlight and is able to tolerate heat, Bloomify recommends that giving your orchid partial shade during summer time to avoid sunburn. On the other side, it is less tolerate to cold weather, so please keep your plant above 50 ºF in winter.

Cattleya Cernua (The Nodding Sophronitis), wood mounted

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    • One miniature Cattleya Cernua (The Nodding Sophronitis) mounted on a 3" x 3" wood piece.


    • Care instructions will be included with plant you purchase.


    • 30 days healthy plant guarantee. Free heat pack in winter shipping.

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