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Bulbophyllum Pectenveneris (斑唇捲瓣蘭), also named Bulbophyllum flaviflorum, is a miniature orchid distributed in tropical and subtropical regions such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Taiwan. It’s an epiphyte growing on tree trunks or rocks in forests below 5000 feet.


When blooming, Bulbophyllum Pectenveneris carries 3 - 8 odorless orange-red or yellowish green flowers, with flower size about 1”. What really makes this orchid famous is its fringe-like petals and dorsal sepal, which makes it earn the name The Comb-Like Nerved Bulbophyllum or Golden Comb Orchid.


It’s an easy-to-care orchid, likes semi-shade positions and high humidity. It can be both potted in a planter with great aeration or mounted on a wood piece with high moist. As you guessed it, this subtropical Golden Comb Orchid can tolerate temperatures as high as 85ºF and as low as 60ºF. Watering it frequently during the hot season while reducing watering in winter time.

Bulbophyllum Pectenveneris (Golden Comb Orchid), Easy grower, Wood mount

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