Zero maintenance

Live indoor plants.

Enjoy blooming and thriving plants,

easier than ever!

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  • Zero Care

    it's easier than you think

    Composed of food-grade ingredients, our innovative gel provides complete nutrition to our plants so you can enjoy the beautiful blooms from live plants that are completely maintenance-free!

  • Unique Gifts

    not just your average gifts

    Bloomify's diverse lineup of plants are carefully selected and designed by top plant scientists. No matter what kind of the occasion is, our beautiful thriving plants make for the perfect gift!

  • Long Lifespan

    more than 6 months

    Bloomify's terrarium design results in plants that grow healthy and bloom for more than 6 months, even up to 1 year! Simply display in a bright area and enjoy watching your plant worry-free!

  • Best Customer Service

    treat everyone like a VIP

    Our incredible after-sales customer service makes Bloomify stand out. No matter what kind of plants you buy, each purchase comes with a 90-day healthy plant guarantee automatically!

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Start your own garden without lifting a single thumb

At Bloomify, our team of plant scientists are hard at work in the lab to bring you affordable thriving plants, including various miniature orchids, floral plants and carnivorous plants, that are completely maintenance-free.


By replacing soil with a gel medium, all of our self-sustaining plants can thrive without any care. No more worrying about watering, fertilizer, sunlight, bugs, or messy spills. Simply place your plant companion on your desk and watch it grow and bloom up to a year!

Spruce up your office or living space with our zero-maintenance desk plants, or give one as a gift to that person who already has everything ♥️

Secrets of Bloomify's Magic Plants

Gel as growth medium

All our plants are rooted in a solid gel medium containing a non-toxic complete blend of plant nutrition.

Self-sustaining ecosystem

Plants are contained in a sealed and germ-free environment. Don't take off the lid until its time to move your plant to a bigger container!

Watch your plants grow


Simply place the plant on your desk in a bright ambient area, and watch in awe as your plant grows by itself for months, up to a year!

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