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Get your hands on one of the largest types of carnivorous plants tucked nicely inside a clear terrarium - complete with glass stones and your very own tiny whale.

Commonly known as Sundew, the Drosera spatulata features long claws and green leaves that turn a vibrant red hue when exposed to strong sunlight as it matures. It has sticky hairs that look like clear “dew” drops that help them trap their prey, gaining the nickname “flypaper” plant. Watch it thrive inside its own eco-system up to a whole year and make it a decorative piece that fits anywhere in your home.

Experience fuss-free fast-growing tropical Sundew from Bloomify!

A Playful Present For Anyone

Send friends and family a gift they can grow. Or just get it for yourself and expand your plant collection at home!

Tropical Terrarium Buddy

Add this fun terrarium in your children’s room and keep kids company while playing, coloring, or simply hanging out.

A Touch Of Zen In The Kitchen

Introduce the Sundew terrarium to your mini herb garden in the kitchen for a fresh spin on indoor plants.


Soothing Desk Decor

Rest your eyes from too much screen time with refreshing greenery in a fun terrarium. It’s your very own mini paradise in a jar!

No Soil, No Problem!


Bloomify’s state-of-the-art Terra Gel is developed with safe organic compounds, water, and all essential materials to sustain the Sundew inside the terrarium.

The gel is free from microbes and contains necessary nourishment, including glucose, a plant energy source normally produced through photosynthesis.

To complete your fun terrarium, a bunch of colored glass marbles sit at the bottom of the jar together with an adorable tiny whale to keep your Sundew company.

Venus Flytrap Features.jpg

Transplant Tips:

Your Sundew is ready for its new home at around 6 months to 1 year, or when it’s already too large for its jar. Here’s how to successfully transplant them.

Step 1: Open the cork stopper.

Step 2: Get a pair of blunt tweezers and carefully take the plant out from the root part.

Step 3: Replant your Drosera spatulata in a carnivorous soil mix.

Bloomify’s transplant kit comes with a 50/50 mix of Sphagnum Peat Moss and Silica Sand plus 2 planters.


Note: Each Bloomify product is packed properly with care, but shipping is beyond our control. If you receive your terrarium with active mold growth, contact Bloomify within 60 days to learn what to do next.

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