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Self-Sustaining Jewel Orchids


Start your orchid collection with zero care Jewel Orchid Terrariums. Get your plants already growing instead of purchasing from the nursery and doing all the work yourself.


The secret is in our state-of-the-art soil alternative. Bloomify’s Terra Gel contains all the essential nutrients specific to the plant’s needs, including minerals, carbohydrates, and water. This clear gel medium is enough to sustain the plants inside the terrarium for up to a whole year until you’re ready to transplant. Plus, our glass dome jar helps with the humidity conditions that these plants love.

Whether you’re getting one for your home or for a special someone, choose a gift that thrives with Bloomify’s unique Jewel Orchid Terrariums.

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Grow Effortlessly


Bloomify’s newest terra gel is designed specifically for these rare orchids. This state-of-the-art soil alternative enhances plant growth safely using organic compounds, water, glucose, and other essential nourishment.

Watch as your Jewel Orchids thrive inside the terrarium with no effort necessary.

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Thriving Decor


Create a relaxing ambiance with luscious plants that automatically livens up any space. Place it on your desk to help you relax during a stressful day working from home. Or keep them on a shelf or table for a unique centerpiece that makes the conversation going.

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Give Jewels


Show that special someone just how much you care through plants that are unusual. The unique foliage of these Jewel Orchids captures anyone’s attention, making them great gifts. Give your friends, family, or significant other a gift that grows with Bloomify’s Jewel Orchid terrariums.

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Prized Jewel Orchids


Meet the “diamonds” of the Jewel Orchid family - the Macodes sanderiana and the Macodes petola. These rare terrestrial orchids are known for their striking patterns and dramatic colors that truly stand out from the crowd. The M. sanderiana is a famous orchid species native to Borneo, with mostly dark leaves and wilder patterns. Its shining gold or silver veins look like lightning bolts that will surely catch anyone’s eyes.

The M. petola, on the other hand, is locally found in South Asian regions such as Malaysia, Sumatra, and the Philippines. It has a similar yet denser lightning pattern that almost sparkles, with more rounded leaves and a velvet-like texture.

Add these siblings to your home or office and let the dazzling foliage create a modern tropical feel to your space.

Better Nutrient Absorption


Those white fluffy bits aren’t mold. These root hairs collect water and mineral nutrients from the Terra Gel and deliver them to the rest of the plant. No green thumb? No problem!

NOTE: Each Bloomify product is packed properly with care, but shipping is beyond our control. If you receive your terrarium with mold growth or a weak-looking plant, contact Bloomify within 60 days for a replacement.

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Refresh the look of your home with luscious greens with stunning lightning patterns that catch anyone’s attention. Our Jewel Orchid terrariums are the perfect accent or centerpiece no matter what interior style you have. Spruce up your place with decorative plants that are safe, stylish, and mesmerizing.

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