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No soil, no problem!


This perennial plant is famous for its shiny green foliage and adorable purple flowers with light yellow pollen-masses in the center. Also known as Exacum Affine, the Persian Violet thrives in humid tropical and subtropical climates, but they’re usually short-lived. With Bloomify’s state-of-the-art Terra Gel, our Persian Violets live longer and bloom more frequently.

The Terra Gel is developed with safe organic compounds, water, and all essential materials to sustain the Persian Violet inside the terrarium. The gel is free from microbes and contains necessary nourishment, including glucose, a plant energy source naturally produced through photosynthesis.

This Persian Violet is encased in a modern, high-quality glass jar with an air-tight cover to ensure no room for mold growth, bugs, and spills. This aesthetically pleasing live decor instantly adds a hint of zen and beauty in any room.

Experience fuss-free fast-growing Persian Violet from Bloomify!

Furnished With Flowers

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Furnished With Flowers

Bloomify’s Persian Violet terrarium matches any interior design - from traditional homes to modern, minimalist styles.

The plant comes in an airtight wooden lid, durable clear glass, and a variety of river rocks sitting beneath the new Terra Gel formula.

Place it on a shelf, vanity, or among other indoor plants and display an eye-catching piece with a flourishing surprise.

Furnished With Flowers

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Unique Decor & Giveaway


Make special occasions even more memorable with a self-growing flower terrarium.

Transform tables with a unique Persian Violet centerpiece. Or use it to line up the aisle for a wedding ceremony.

Want a crowd-pleaser giveaway? This maintenance-free terrarium is a sure hit. Let guests take home a token that they can treasure for up to a year.

Furnished With Flowers

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Safe Blooms Indoors

With Bloomify’s Persian Violet terrarium, you can enjoy flowers indoors all year long.

The plant is safely enclosed in a glass jar, so it’s friendly to all, even those with pollen allergies.

Display your Persian Violet all around your home and watch it bloom with zero effort and upkeep required. It’s also non-toxic and safe for anyone to hold!

Give the Gift That Blossoms


Skip the familiar single stem rose or the traditional bouquet. Give more meaning to your gesture with flowers that bloom monthly in a terrarium that lasts up to a year.






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Ready for Its New Home


Once your Venus flytrap is too large for the jar, it’s time to open the cork. Using blunt tweezers, take it out and replant it in a carnivorous soil mix. Bloomify’s transplant kit comes with a 50/50 mix of Sphagnum Peat Moss and Silica Sand plus 2 planters.

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