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These are not your ordinary traps.

Our Venus flytrap is a B52 mericlone, a famous kind known for its size and large traps. They grow larger and have longer teeth compared to other varieties. With its big claw size, this Venus flytrap will definitely catch your attention.

Experience fuss-free fast-growing Venus flytraps from Bloomify!

Decorate, Then Relocate

DIY your very own hanging Venus flytrap!

Tie a rope around the top and hang them by your frosted or tinted window.

Add Life to Your Desk

Rest your eyes from too much screen-time with refreshing greenery in a relaxing blue medium. With the Venus flytrap on your desk, you’ll have your own paradise in a jar.

A Touch of Zen in the Kitchen

Give your herb garden a new plant buddy or just place them proudly on your countertops for a lively piece of decor.

A Soothing Eye-Catcher

This Venus flytrap is worth the center of all attention. Display it with flowers and other ornaments for a flourishing centerpiece.

No Soil, No Problem


Bloomify’s state-of-the-art Terra Gel is developed with safe organic compounds, water, and all essential materials to sustain the Venus flytrap inside the terrarium.

The gel is free from microbes and contains necessary nourishment, including glucose, a plant energy source normally produced through photosynthesis.

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Venus Flytrap Transplant Timeline.jpg

Ready for Its New Home


Once your Venus flytrap is too large for the jar, it’s time to open the cork. Using blunt tweezers, take it out and replant it in a carnivorous soil mix. Bloomify’s transplant kit comes with a 50/50 mix of Sphagnum Peat Moss and Silica Sand plus 2 planters.

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