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Phalaenopsis Violacea Coerulea 'Indigo' Care Guide

The Violet Phalaenopsis

Light Preferences

The Violet Phalaenopsis thrives in low to medium indirect light.

Water Preferences

Water every 2-3 days with distilled water and rainwater only, avoid hard tap water.

Making sure the moss is wet at all times and maintaining 60% humidity at least.


The plant can be grown on wood, tree bark, or pot. If the humidity is too low, please grow the plant in a pot, which helps to keep moisture levels at an adequate level.

Temperature Range

The recommended summer temperatures are 75-85°F during the day and 65-70°F at night; The winter ones 65-70°F during the day and 60-62°F at night.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use ½ strength of orchid fertilizer once per week.

Flowering Season

The Violet Phalaenopsis can bloom at any time under care, but is more common from spring to fall. The flowers are indigo, and have a strong fragrance.

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