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Phalaenopsis Japonica Care Guide

Sedirea Japonica, Nagoran

Light Preferences

Nagoran thrives in low to medium indirect light.

Water Preferences

Water every 2-3 days with distilled water and rainwater only, avoid hard tap water.

Making sure the moss is wet at all times and maintaining 50-70% humidity.

The plant can be grown on wood, tree bark, or pot. If the humidity is too low, please grow the plant in a pot, which helps to keep moisture levels at an adequate level.

Temperature Range

The suitable temperature range for the plant is 70 - 80 ºF. Also keep the temperatures above 50ºF during winter.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use thin liquid orchid fertilizer about once or twice a month from spring to fall to give your orchid a nutrient stimulus for bloom.

Flowering Season

Sedirea Japonica blooms in spring and summer mainly, but can bloom annually under care.

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