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Haraella Retrocalla Care Guide

Taiwan Fragrant Orchid

Light Preferences

Haraella Retrocalla thrives in medium to bright indirect light, and can tolerate very low direct sunlight. Not suited for long-time direct sunlight.

Water Preferences

Water every 2-3 days with distilled water and rainwater only, making sure the moss is moisted at all times. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light.

If the humidity is too low, please grow the plant in a pot, which helps to keep moisture levels at an adequate level.

Temperature Range

Haraella Retrocalla accepts a fairly wide range of temperatures. For better results, please give it intermediate temperatures, 70-80°F during the day, cooling off by 10-15 degrees at night.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use ½ strength of orchid fertilizer once per week.

Flowering Season

Haraella Retrocalla can bloom continuously and annually under care. The flowers are bright yellow with shades of red on the inside and have a citrusy fragrance.

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